Facebook Advertisements Quick Guide: Promote Vs Boost

Oct 7, 2016

In this day and age, when people’s faces seem permanently glued to their phones and tablets, social media marketing is an essential tool for promoting your business. With more than 1.71 billion users, roughly 24% of the entire planet, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. With so many users, Facebook is a vital platform for targeting your customers and growing your business. There are several types of Facebook advertisements available, each with unique characteristics and goals. We’ll examine these options, so you can pinpoint the best choice for your business. BCI Media Facebook

Promote Your Page

This feature is designed to let people on Facebook know about your business. With this option, you create ads that show in the News Feed, on the right side of Facebook, and on Instagram. The goal of promoting your page is to increase “likes” on your Facebook page. When someone “likes” your page, your posts will automatically show up in their News Feed, free of charge. These users are now able to share reviews, and “like” posts on your page, which can then show up in their friends’ newsfeeds as well. The more “likes” your page has, the more your Facebook audience grows. Also, people looking into your business or searching Facebook for businesses in your industry are able to see how many “likes” your page has. A high number adds credibility and encourages potential customers.

Boost Your Posts

Boosting your posts is designed to let your individual posts reach more people on Facebook who like your page, as well as people who are unfamiliar with your business. Boosting increases the visibility of your post by moving it higher in the Facebook News Feed and on Instagram. All Facebook advertisements are a great way to increase your online presence in general, but boosting your post ensures you reach the specific audience you select. For example, you can boost the post for people who “like” your page and their friends, or you can choose a new audience based on location, age, gender, or interests. Generally, the goal of boosting a post is to drive customers towards your website, rather than your Facebook page. Boosting a post is a useful tool when you want to advertise a specific promotion or event. In this case, the boosted post would likely contain a link to your online store or your website.

Promote Your Local Business

Local awareness ads are a great way to use Facebook advertisements to promote your business in your area. This geo-targeting ad option is designed to drive offline actions by targeting Facebook users who may be interested in visiting your store or business. It does this by showing your ad only to users who live in or have visited your immediate area. In fact, you can target users in as small as a one-mile radius of your location. These ads also include the following buttons: “get directions,” “call now,” “send message,” and “learn more.” This helps people easily take action after seeing your ad, which can have immediate results for your business.

No matter which option you choose, Facebook advertisements are great tools to strengthen your business’s social media marketing campaign. These ads are easy to implement and can reach the specific audience you’re looking for. The price varies depending on how wide an audience you want to reach, and Facebook will tell you how many people are expected to see your ad at different price points. Contact BCI Media Services today to get started, and build a strategy that works best for your business!