Target These Four Sites for Customer Reviews

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.41.49 AMUnfortunately, the customers who are self-motivated to write reviews tend to be those looking to vent about a negative experience. Once you have ensured that your business provides excellent customer service, it’s a good idea to encourage the writing of customer reviews. Whether you send them a follow-up email with links or simply verbally ask that they write a review online, it’s worth mentioning a few specific websites.


Once synonymous with online customer reviews, Yelp now has a lot of competition from other websites. Even though other websites now host reviews, Yelp is still an important place to manage your reputation, especially for restaurants and businesses that deal face-to-face with local customers.


While Google search results can pull reviews from other sites, the customer reviews on Google+ can appear directly in search results. When a searcher looks at Google Maps for the closest business that meets their needs, a five star rating can make a real impact in which business they choose.


While it doesn’t provide the same format as other review websites, Facebook has the advantage of constant visibility. When your satisfied customers “like” your page or comment on your posts, their friends are exposed to your online presence. Social media is a low-cost way to build your presence online.

Since Facebook also offers the ability for your customers to leave, and share their reviews of your business on your page, responding in a positive way to your reviews on this page can make a huge impact on your potential customers. Additionally, since Facebook has recently began showing a page’s responsiveness, hugging your haters on this site as quickly as possible can make your Facebook Business Page stand out among your competitors.

Angie’s List

With A–F ratings instead of stars, Angie’s List caters to businesses that offer services more often than products. Unlike with free review sites, Angie’s List tends to feature reviews that are more informed and thought-out, and it is possible for businesses to respond to customer complaints.

The nature of your business will impact the choice of review sites that are most relevant for your customers. Claiming your listings allows you to see which pages are more active, and you can encourage customers to leave reviews on the sites where you would like to see a higher rating. Get professional help to learn how to improve your ratings and boost profits.

Thanks to Michael Dorausch on flickr for the image used in this post.