Website Design: Best Practices in Planning Navigation on a Site

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You’re a professional who knows your business. Your website is filled with insightful and well-composed content that both engages and informs potential and current clients. However, if that information is not organized across the website in an easily accessible manner, all that effort to develop your content is of little value. Getting the content in […]

What Is UI/UX and Why Is It Important in Website Design?

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The acronyms UI and UX get thrown around a lot in website design. But what does it mean and how does it affect a site’s users? What Is UI/UX? The simplest explanation is that UI, which is short for User Interface, is what makes a website design look good, and UX, short for User Experience, […]

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3 Reasons Video Advertisements Are the Key to Small & Medium Business Success

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In an increasingly competitive advertising market, it’s crucial for small and medium sized businesses to evaluate their multi-channel presence. Entering a new channel such as video advertisements can set businesses up for widespread targeting, conversions, and exposure if done correctly. Here are three reasons a marketing strategy should always include video. 1. Videos are on […]

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Every Website Needs a Contact Form

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Professional websites need to have a contact form for visitors to use to communicate directly with the business. Not only does this enable questions and comments, but it also provides the webmaster with relevant contact information of visitors. Why They’re Important Presenting a snapshot of the owner of a website and a connected business is […]

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Three Reasons Companies Need Both Print and Digital Marketing Strategies

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With online marketing booming, many businesses decide to focus on digital media rather than traditional print media and advertising. However, it’s still essential to balance print into your strategies, for a few key reasons. Reach a Wider Audience Print and digital media are effective when used together because it allows companies to reach a much […]

What Difference Does a Professional Agency Make, Anyways?

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Looking for a digital marketing strategy that will empower your business with the most up-to-date digital marketing practices? The world of digital marketing changes so often, it can be intimidating to develop a plan of action on your own. Let the experts assist you in your digital presence! Over time, BCI Media Services has watched […]

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Six Crucial Elements All Online Display Ads Need

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Coming up with effective online advertising is always a challenge, but there are some foolproof ways to make display ads engaging and, most importantly, profitable for the company. 1. Make a Statement – To stand out from the pack, keep in mind how the visuals work with the platform where the ad will run and […]

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Deciphering the Facts about Facebook Video Analytics

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With over 1.79 billion active users per month, Facebook is one of the most reliable social media platforms that you can use to market products and services. High-quality videos that describe your business can help you to generate more sales. However, you need to have a good understanding of Facebook video analytics to share videos […]