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Digital Marketing Solutions

Your time is valuable.

Let us do the heavy lifting, creating a holistic approach to ensure your business is found on the internet. Our Digital Marketing Solutions give you a tailored approach to digital.

Packages include social media management, blogging and reporting on your business’ success.

Select the right option for your business.

Do you need just a little help or a general online presence? This package is for you.


  • Social platform setup and optimization for Facebook
  • Four social posts a month (up to 80 words, shared to both social sites)
  • One in-person kickoff meeting (when available)
  • One mid-campaign strategy meeting via phone
  • Quarterly social reporting via email
  • Up to $20 social spend on Facebook each month

Social posting you need with the ad spend designed to increase your audience.


  • Bronze level package, plus…
  • One additional social set site up. Client’s choice of Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Two content articles or blogs
  • Three remote strategy meetings throughout campaign
  • One photo gallery with photo shoot at one location
  • Up to $30 social spend on Facebook each month

Let us help you engage with your clients where they are.


  • Silver level package, plus…
  • Eight total social posts per month
  • Four total content articles or blogs per month
  • One mid-term in-person strategy meeting
  • Six social reports delivered via email
  • Up to $40 social spend on Facebook each month

Let us help you engage to your full potential: We do the heavy lifting.


  • Gold level package, plus…
  • Twelve total social posts per month
  • Six total content articles or blogs per month
  • Three in-person strategy meetings throughout campaign
  • Web ad pack, three blocks of 20,000 impressions on one BCI network
  • One photo montage video published to your YouTube channel
  • Monthly social reports delivered via email
  • Up to $60 social spend on Facebook each month
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Social Media Management

Crush your competitors, extend your social reach and connect with current and future clients with these flexible social media management plans customized for your business.

Let’s work together to tell your story on Facebook and Instagram.


  • In-person kick off meeting (when available)
  • Facebook page set up and optimization, including one new cover image
  • Definition and building of one key audience for targeting new customers
  • Creation of three social ads per month
  • Monthly monitoring of social ad spend and strategy execution
  • Boosting of ads for brand awareness, building audiences and increasing content reach
  • Cross-promotion on Instagram
  • Quarterly strategy meetings via phone
  • Quarterly social reports via email
  • Monthly audience adjustments, including creation of up to one additional audience each


  • Essential level package, plus…
  • Building of two initial target audiences
  • Creation of up to four social ads per month
  • Bi-monthly strategy meetings via phone
  • Bi-monthly social reports via email
  • Additional social spend


  • Essential level package, plus…
  • Building of three initial target audiences
  • Creation of up to six social ads per month
  • Monthly strategy meetings via phone
  • Monthly social reports via email
  • Additional social spend
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If a client looks up your business online and gets incorrect information, they become upset with your business, not the place where they received the information.

How does this happen? Over time, the online listings for your business (including business name, address, phone number and website) can become distorted and mismanaged by the living ecosystem that is the internet. This causes clients to lose trust in your business.

Make sure your customers can find you.

We correct your information on more than 70 high-level listings. And we maintain that correct information over time.

Sign up today for one of our PowerListing packages and make sure your customers can connect with you.

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Website Development

Having a polished, clean and user-friendly website is key to showcasing your business, connecting with new clients and selling your products.

We offer numerous options for website design and our expert developers will create exactly what you need.

One of the most common website design platforms, WordPress sites offer an assortment of templates that create a user-friendly experience. Connect with your clients with responsive designs for intuitive viewing experiences across different devices.

Need the ability to sell your products online? No problem. We’ll help you build the perfect e-commerce site.

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Content Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing

Content marketing, which includes blogging and email marketing, is the most direct and original way to engage with your customers online.

Blogs are the most informative way to demonstrate your experience, tell your story and help your customers. Providing this information to your audience lets them learn more about your business, gains their trust, grabs their attention and ultimately creates a lasting and loyal relationship. Putting the right strategy behind your content marketing allows you to go into more depth about your products, services, news and business.

Your blog is an essential tool for affirming your business’ status as an expert in the industry. Publishing fresh, informative and relevant content can also help your business earn trust with search engines, rank higher in organic search results and grow online visibility. Let us manage your existing blog or create and manage a new blog for your business.

Connect with your customers in their inbox. Email marketing is a highly effective tool for engaging with your current customers and staying top-of- mind. Running an email marketing campaign that is both informative and promotional can significantly improve the conversion rate of any marketing initiative.

Stand apart from your competition by having outstanding copy on your website. Get the right message to your customers and have the perfect call to action with professionally written copy on your website. Build a strong foundation for your website with BCI Media Services copywriting services and get strategy written into every page.

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Digital Display Advertising

Get your digital ads placed on The Durango Herald, The Journal, Pine River Times, DGO or Adventure Pro. With a reach of more than 400,000 users in the Four Corners, connect with your customers where they are online.

These online advertising options include targeted advertising, creation of customizable messaging and creative, plus analytics and reporting.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Custom SEO Packages

It’s time to rule the search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the visibility of your website in search results. The higher you rank on search, the more customers will click through to your website. Ninety percent of all people stay on the first page of search results and 60 percent of all clicks are on the top three results.

Customized SEO packages allow your business to target keywords and geographic locations. By building your online presence and using SEO best practices, you can be sure the search engines can properly read and rank your business website.

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Video Production

Video drives the most engagement and interaction of nearly any post online. On Facebook alone more than 100 million hours of video are consumed each day.

Video is the perfect way to highlight your products, mission and to connect with your clients.

Our video services range from short and sweet templates that highlight a product to more in- depth custom builds telling the story of what you and your staff accomplish for clients.

We can tailor a perfect video package to connect clients on your website or on social media.

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Other Online Advertising Options

We have the ability to target your customers online, no matter where they are. Our digital technology will pinpoint your clients so that you can make the most of your marketing dollars. Call us today and explore our options for targeted advertising.

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