Words Aren’t Enough: Ways to Make Visual Content Increase Your Website Traffic

Aug 21, 2015

With the digital world moving at an increasing pace, websites can’t rely on old techniques anymore to engage customers. Individuals who are used to social and mobile media want to know immediately if your content is worth clicking on, which means visual content marketing is key for driving business.

What Is Visual Content?

Visual content is, essentially, anything on your website other than text, This includes photos, infographics, embedded videos, charts, and more. However, the key is to effectively use visual content to signal the worth of your website. By keeping a few strategies in mind, your small business can craft a compelling website, update your content, and increase customer traffic.

1. Keep It New

In the age of social media, “refresh” is a reflex. Content is constantly updating with changes made daily— even so much as hourly. That means your visual content needs to be both recent and relevant. You can signal how recent your visual posts are by using time stamps: markers that will tell the customer when a post was published. Your visual content marketing should always be relevant in the way that it links to your business, product, or service in the proper context.

2. Make It Practical

Help your customer out— let them know how to use your product, or inspire them with ideas for new uses. Visual content should be inspirational, aspirational, and helpful. By suggesting uses for your product, you will help guide the customer to your business.

3. Listen!

Visual content marketing can be collaborative: asking customers to post photos of themselves using your product; running a survey, etc. Make it easy for customers to respond and share their experiences, and pay attention to their feedback. Take advantage of metrics to track which visual content is most popular, and increase your use of that type of content.

4. Be Creative

Customers don’t want to engage with boring brands. This means avoiding stock photography, using consistent fonts and colors, and keeping personality in mind. Consider giving your customers a “behind the scenes” look at your business, or using popular memes and photographs.

By balancing text with effective, engaging visual content, you can drive website traffic and keep your audience coming back for more. Learn how BCI Media Services can help you develop your website’s visual content marketing to better market your small business.