Where are Your Clients? That’s Where You Need To Be

Jan 18, 2018

By Claudia Laws, BCI Media Services Marketing & Communications Manager


Is your business meeting your clients where they are? As a digital marketing agency, we hear over and over again things like, “Well, I don’t get (fill in the social app here) so I don’t want my business on there.”

Unfortunately for these business owners, the days of advertising in just one location are gone. To effectively connect with your customers, you MUST deliver your message where they are and that typically includes Facebook, Instagram, the digital newspaper, radio, online directories, the phone book and maybe even Snapchat or What’s App. Having a diverse marketing strategy increases your client base and their identity with your products.

Step 1

Crafting the perfect strategy to connect with your future and current customers begins with one pivotal step: Can I do it? Typically the answer is no. You sell chimneys because you are a trained chimney sweep and can install an insert in under an hour; You didn’t get into the business because of your ability to craft a perfect social strategy. So unless marketing is in your wheelhouse, save time and money by hiring a forward-thinking digital strategist.

Step 2

The next step is to figure out where your audience spends time. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck and the most ability to target specific audiences, Facebook is for you. It’s also the easiest place to start if you’re just launching your social media strategy. If you’re targeting Millenials, hit up Snapchat. Post-Millenials? What’s App is your jam. If your business specializes in beautiful dresses or vacations, Instagram is for you.

Once you find the correct platform, identify the marketing efforts and audience targeting that will work with your business and customers. Then dive in. Start crafting posts, branded posts, promotions, and ads. If marketing isn’t your background, don’t stress about crafting a perfect strategy. We can do that for you. Let us lift that heavy weight off your shoulders.

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