How to Use Video to Reach Social Media Targets

Aug 4, 2017

Woman using laptop at office in Durango, CASuccessful social media marketing is all about exploring the target consumers for a business, and grabbing (and keeping) their attention. Relevant and engaging serves to attract an audience and keep them actively involved. Advertising using video content is one option that may seem complicated or expensive, but many business owners successfully use this format to reach potential customers.

Video and Search Engine Optimization

Video descriptions and headlines factor into SEO returns. Adding keywords and phrases to descriptions and headlines as part of an optimization plan allows videos to show up in search returns and pull visitors into the platforms used for social media marketing.

Answering Questions

Business owners can use video to speak directly to their audiences in a personal way. If questions pour in from visitors, using video to compile questions and give answers can be an effective way to present engaging and valuable content. This is also a perfect way for business owners to present themselves as industry experts.

Making Announcements

Sharing a big promotion or other breaking news with an audience via video can have a significant impact. Followers often appreciate being kept apprised of current events, and a personal broadcast can be a great way to capture the attention of viewers and visitors in a social media marketing campaign.

Teaching and Instructing

Consumers turn to the internet to learn facts or to find out about a new skill. A business owner can capitalize on this natural traffic by creating instructional videos that teach within areas of expertise. Whether the topic is cooking, automotive repair or how to create a distinctive floral display, a short video presentation that outlines the necessary steps will resonate with viewers. Short and concise videos are the preferred format for these presentations. At the end of the video, the presenter should add a sentence or two promoting a product or service to tie back to the business.

Great social media marketing presents content in digestible and relatable ways to encourage visitors to keep coming back. Video fits that bill perfectly. For more help with social media management, contact BCI Media today.