Turn Shoppers Into Buyers With Retargeting

Nov 11, 2015

If potential customers are coming to your website, but not purchasing your goods, you may be wondering, “Does my business need retargeting?” The answer is yes, because the fact that consumers aren’t buying doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in your products. They may just be forgetting to make purchases.

All sorts of things could be distracting your potential customer and stopping them from completing a transaction. Perhaps they just hopped on your website during a break to do some quick browsing. Maybe they wanted to buy your product, but had to step away from the computer. Whatever the reason, retargeting is the best way to get your potential customer’s attention back on your business.

Your business needs retargeting because it is a way to “re-market” to people who have visited your business web page. Let’s say someone has been shopping for a new coat on your website. They looked at a few options but didn’t buy anything. If you are retargeting, the coats that they viewed will show up as ads on the other web pages they visit.

Does my business need retargeting? Won’t that irritate people?

According to CMO, retargeting works. Only 11% of consumers have a negative reaction to these ads, while 30% view them positively. Many people reported enjoying the ads because they reminded them of what they were looking at before they got pulled away. Other times, a consumer may be considering a purchase, and seeing the object again and again will give them the encouragement they need to follow through with the purchase.

Does my business need retargeting if I mostly do business locally?

Businesses large and small are benefiting from retargeting. While most people are neutral to the retargeted ads (59%), the numbers show that they are still being motivated to make purchases. Kimberly-Clark, parent company of Scott, Kleenex, Huggies, and more, has reported 50-60% higher conversion rates after implementing a retargeting strategy. If the strategy is working for these big companies, your business needs retargeting, as well.

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