Today’s Hottest Trends for Marketing Video Content

Feb 26, 2016

When it comes to video trends and online video advertising, you can’t go wrong with seeing what the top companies are doing. Google, Facebook, and YouTube have been in this game for a while now. If their decision-makers are leaning a certain way in terms of marketing and advertising video content, it is probably a good idea to jump on their bandwagons.

What, then, are these web giants foreseeing in terms of video content distribution? Cenk Bulbul, the head of agency marketing at Google, predicts that mobile video sharing will explode as these devices become more video friendly. With YouTube’s reported 100 percent growth in mobile views, he is probably right. He says that contrary to popular wisdom, people tend to actually view longer segments on mobile devices rather than shorter ones. This bodes well for your online video advertising. If consumers are willing to give marketing video content more than just a few seconds of attention, then they can see how impressive your product actually is.

Google and YouTube aren’t the only giants when it comes to video content sharing. SEO-PR works with video marketing and advertising online as well, and President and Co-founder Greg Jarboe says that online video advertising could be hampered by an increase in ad blocking this year. With 48 percent growth in ad blocking usage last year alone, it appears that the trend will be moving to mobile devices on a greater scale as well. To combat this dilemma, some video trends that may be useful are to produce a variety of engaging content consistently, rather than using a one and done approach, and to work with YouTube creators that are effectively reaching target demographics to develop a game plan.

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