Strong Business Practices Lead to Strong Marketing Strategies

Jan 13, 2016

Relating business and marketing strategies can be challenging for small- to medium-size businesses. Product development and marketing strategies may seem like the interests of big business, but the principles are much the same, whether you’re moving 100 units of product a year or 1 million. Product development is nothing more than a term for getting your business noticed in the marketplace. Whether you’re marketing within a specific geographic location, or you hope to expand your reach via online sales to the international community, understanding marketing strategy is critical to growing and maintaining your business.

Google Is The New Phone Book

Many small businesses have relied upon local advertising, like the Yellow Pages and newspapers, with the assumption that their customers aren’t online. This assumption can cost you money. According to the Pew Research Center, over 80 percent of American households own at least one computer and have access to the Internet. Google is the new phone book, and without an online presence, many small businesses are overlooked by potential customers.

Reaching Customers Where They Are—Online!

BCI Media Services works with local businesses to help create an online presence that will reach customers and help build your marketing strategy. Relating business and marketing strategies is crucial to long-term success. No one would run a business without keeping their information current in the local telephone directory listings. In today’s market, it’s equally important to maintain a presence on the World Wide Web. Our digital marketing consultants are trained to understand the local market, and to provide the marketing strategies that reflect your vision for your small business. At BCI Media Services we understand the need to create a brand that not only promotes and expands your company, but one that provides an authentic reflection of your business. Your products are just one part of the picture. Your goals and relationships with your customers are part of the evolution of your business. Call BCI Media Services for a consultation, and find out how a customized website can boost your business for the long term.