Spirited, Seasonal SEO: Making the Most of Holiday Marketing

Nov 16, 2015

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of seasonal marketing. Storefront decorations, themed graphic design, and special events may all feature offers and messages designed to target holiday shoppers. However, it’s important to remember that long-term marketing strategies, particularly Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can also help turn leads into customers during the busy holiday season. Learning how to use SEO during the holidays can significantly impact your profit margins.

Benefits of SEO

SEO helps bring potential customers to your website by helping your business land on the first page of search results when a shopper uses Google—or any other search engine—to hunt for products or services. This is achieved through the use of keywords: single search terms or phrases that appear in your website’s content to help clients find you.

Retail and SEO

During peak retail times, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, shoppers are far more likely to use the Internet to research products and make purchases. In fact, studies have shown that search engines are the number one tool for customers seeking information during the gift-giving season. E-Commerce has skyrocketed to a 53.3 billion dollar industry in the past decade, with 23% of online purchases made during the festive season. It goes without saying that learning how to use SEO during the holidays can help boost traffic to your site, which in turn is likely to increase your sales and profits.

Keywords are Key

However, correctly using keywords to boost your site’s ranking can be a confusing, time-consuming process. Google will filter out sites that overuse keywords, for example—often blacklisting them by marking them as spam. Additionally, knowing exactly which keywords will function best for your business can be difficult. Should you optimize your content for “gingerbread house” or “holiday treats”—and do you really have the time and expertise necessary to figure it out and implement it before the season is over?

SEO during Holidays

If you need guidance on how to use SEO during the holidays, look no further than BCI Media Services. With over 50 years of experience helping small businesses achieve their sales and marketing goals, and a team of highly-trained digital media specialists at our disposal, we are ready to help you bring more traffic to your site this holiday season. Reach out today to find out how we can help you with long-term SEO strategies.