Custom SEO Packages

No more hesitating! It’s time to rule the search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the placement and visibility of your website and other business listings, within a search engine’s unpaid or organic search results. Ranking high in search results is incredibly important with the digital consumer of today. Ninety percent of all people stay on the first page of search results, and 60-70 percent of all clicks are landing on the top three organic search results.

Rule the Search Results

Customized SEO packages allow your business to target a general or specific range of keywords and geographic locations. By building your online presence and using SEO best practices, you can be sure the search engines can properly read and rank your business website.

BCI Media Services has multiple custom SEO packages which include: strategy planning and keyword research, claiming local directories, adding Google Analytics and Search Console on website, onsite content optimization, YouTube channel with montage video, monthly reporting and the option for regular posting to your Facebook and Google+ pages.

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