Revisiting Content Plans for 2016

Jan 28, 2016

Content marketing is an important approach for small businesses to apply to their advertising plans in 2016. Content still reigns as king in digital marketing, and having a content plan with set, measurable goals, is important to success. When customers visit your web page, the first thing they’ll notice is what topics are covered and how up-to-date the information is that’s being offered.

It’s important to regularly update your web page to reflect the latest information, whether about products, services, or industry news. When your customers visit your web page, it’s important to give them the impression of a clean, clear, relevant site that has the information they’re seeking. If the first thing a customer sees is a blog article that’s two years old, they’re going to wonder if the information is even still accurate. By republishing your best content with a current date and fresh information, you can keep your website relevant to your customer’s needs.

Content marketing is about more than just bringing customers to your site using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Solid articles help establish your expertise in the marketplace, building a solid brand image in the customer’s minds. Content does more than drive traffic; it provides value. Some examples of high-value content include instructional e-books, how-to videos, and infographics that give the customer useful tips. Not only do these types of content give your customer a sense of value, they bring them back to your website for fresh information, driving traffic and increasing the number of leads, which can then be turned over into sales.

By tracking the traffic to your web pages, your digital marketing consultant can help you decide which content on your pages is most relevant to your customers, and what needs to be updated.

BCI Media Services has a solid understanding of the unique local market, with experts in the industry, and experience in media, and helping small businesses reach their customers through digital marketing. Let us show you how our digital content marketing plans can help convert traffic into sales.