Retargeting: Taking Aim at Customers That You Know Are Interested

Oct 26, 2015

When it comes to digital advertising, the online marketing strategy known as retargeting sets its sights on potential customers that have already shown interest in your product by visiting your website. From there, the advertising strategy actually lets you follow your potential clients around the web. Whether it may be on various social media sites, email sites, entertainment sites, or just about anywhere else, wherever your website visitor has surfed to, you can have a banner advertisement on that page encouraging them to come back to your site.

Retargeting has already improved the bottom line for countless businesses. The strategy has been known to increase a company’s brand recognition, resulting in an increased return on advertising investment, and also to promote better conversion rates.

There are various types of retargeting online marketing tools that have already proven to be very successful. The oldest and most common form is done on the web. This involves using targeting display ads on blogs, news, sports, and entertainment sites to gain a visitor’s attention and invite them back to your site.

Another way to use this technique is through social media. This type of retargeting puts the Internet’s largest audiences in front of your ads. It also allows you to target your message through the use of social tools, such as the “share,” “like,” and “comment” buttons. Retargeting can also be geared toward mobile device use. This type of advertising makes the most sense for any brand that offers a mobile app.

If you are looking to start retargeting, BCI Media Services can be there every step of the way. We understand the unique challenges of local businesses, striving to find new and evolving options to best market your business online. Contact us today to begin your retargeting strategy.