What Difference Does a Professional Agency Make, Anyways?

Feb 6, 2017

Looking for a digital marketing strategy that will empower your business with the most up-to-date digital marketing practices? The world of digital marketing changes so often. It can be intimidating to develop a plan of action on your own. Let the experts assist you in your digital presence! Over time, BCI Media Services has watched the rules, strategies, and practices of digital marketing evolve. And we’ve grown with these changes every step of the way. We work with your business to develop a lasting digital marketing strategy that’s custom to you and your market.

Look at the Long Term Plans

We’re unique to other agencies in that we are committed to maintaining the progress of your digital marketing strategy. We help with every aspect. From building websites to creating written and visual content for social media exclusive to your business. We systematically share this branded content across your social platforms and website to ensure your business follows the best practices to succeed in the digital world.

Depending on what you need for your marketing strategies, we may first start with building your business a website. During this process, we’ll develop strong content relevant to your business and services for each page on your site. Next, we would look at optimizing your social platforms. Then, create and curate content to share on each network.


A strong online presence is rooted in a strong website that accurately represents your business, and helps customers make their purchasing decisions with informative content.

When it comes to driving traffic to key pages on your website, online coupons offer a valuable way to attract new customers. Building an online presence is also all about value indicators. Indicators like consistently sharing the information you have on your website, with the online world through multiple networks such as online directory listings.


Always make sure your online coupons and directory listings connect your customers back to your website, so they have reason to learn more about your business!

BCI Media Services has demonstrated success with a wide variety of businesses and our experienced team has verified talent to meet the needs of any client. We’ve worked with a diverse list of local businesses, including retail establishments, boutiques, galleries, resorts, and hotels. We also have experience working with restaurants and bars, and service industries like plumbing, auto repair, HVAC, home remodeling and decor, home appliance sales, and repairs.

Our organized, committed, and experienced digital marketing team can tackle multiple stages of your marketing strategy at once or help you with individual steps along the way to success. Get started today!

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