New Year’s Resolutions for Revitalized Digital Marketing

Dec 28, 2015

Making New Year’s resolutions is a common personal pursuit for many people. Applying the same principles professionally can breathe new life into a business. Explore successful digital marketing strategies that will revitalize a company for long-term advancement.

Review Current Strategy

Before making any changes, take stock of your company’s current online presence. Review your website, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile for the broadest appeal among consumers. If you find any issues, don’t panic! The experts at BCI Media Services can assist with resolving these problems.

Regroup and Move Forward

Examine your target audience to make sure your online presence is hitting this demographic squarely. If anything seems amiss, this is the time to make adjustments to both the tone and the message. Formulate goals and a direction for the New Year to reflect on your website. For example, if you’re getting ready for a new product launch, this will likely be a focus of the upcoming year. Your website needs to build anticipation for these big announcements, and then stay accessible and available to handle consumer interest after the launch.

Integrate Content

A successful digital marketing strategy would not be complete without a thorough inventory of content to ensure that you are communicating your message effectively. This includes relevant and innovative video, fresh and ongoing content, a viable social media presence, an engaging blog, and email campaigns. The savvy e-commerce business owner implements all of these different digital tools for maximum impact.

Stay strong throughout the year by making a content calendar to plan your digital marketing campaign. Plan the content you intend to publish, promotions and launches for release, and various ideas for different ways to present content.

With an extensive plan, successful digital marketing strategies won’t just happen by accident; you will set these wheels in motion and keep them moving throughout every month of the year. If you need more guidance on where to begin or help implementing these changes, contact BCI Media Services.