Is Instagram Right for Your Business?

Instagram is a versatile social media marketing tool that is ideal for businesses. Because it is primarily a mobile app, Instagram for business tends to be especially beneficial for companies targeting a younger, on-the-go demographic. But just about any business can benefit from Instagram’s high engagement levels and opportunity for brand-building.

What Is Instagram?

An individual holding an iPad displaying an image of yellow flowers that someone posted on social media in Durango, CO

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform that offers a simplified interface. Although there is a desktop version, the vast majority of users access the platform via mobile devices. With more than 300 million active daily users and 500 million total users, it’s a vast network of accounts that most businesses can’t afford to overlook. Instagram allows accounts to follow other posters and view a stream of photo or video content based on their interests. They’ve also recently added a feature akin to Snapchat that allows a user to post “stories,” which are temporary posts that disappear after a designated amount of time.

How Can Instagram Benefit a Business?

Compared to other social media marketing, Instagram is well known for delivering high user engagement. Instagram users like or comment on posts that come across their feed at a higher rate. This means there are opportunities for getting promotional events or specials in front of people with immediate customer feedback.

What Are the Limitations of Instagram?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms used for social media marketing, Instagram does not allow users to post links along with their posts, or in the comment section. The only place a business can directly link from is their bio. Businesses shouldn’t expect a high number of click throughs to their website, despite the high levels of engagement.

What Are Some Tips for Maximizing Instagram’s Effectiveness?

Instagram works best when customers are invited to interact with posts. Get customers to share stories or like posts by offering specials for the best caption or deals for the first five likes.

Instagram is one of many tools that businesses can’t afford to miss out on. BCI Media Services provides digital marketing packages that include developing and disseminating digital content on Instagram for clients. Contact us today to find out more.