Improve Your Web Content With White Space

Aug 24, 2015

While you may have built up a strong clientele locally, a presence on the Internet is also vitally important for the overall success of your company. Website design involves important considerations that you might not even think about. For example, the amount of text and white space on a page can have a dramatic impact on overall profitability.

What is White Space?

You might not think about this negative space much, especially when you are focusing on delivering the best website content to your readers. However, these areas devoid of text play a big role. When you intentionally create negative spaces around your content and graphics, you are improving readability exponentially. You are also giving your webpages a classic and polished appearance. Your visitors may not realize it, but they appreciate attention to white space design. It might even get them to linger longer on your website.

Website Design Tips

You may not be a design expert when it comes to creating webpages for your local business. That is why we are ready and able to assist you with all aspects of building a successful website. Here are a few tips that we follow as we work.

  • White space isn’t necessarily white, but it doesn’t shout out for attention either. These areas add usability by keeping pages clean and simple.
  • White space enhances readability with spacing between letters, words, paragraphs, and sections.
  • Blank areas help you direct readers’ attention to the most important information on a page, without overwhelming distractions, and make it easier for your visitors to read your content.

Websites that incorporate enough negative areas will instantly appear modern and savvy to visitors. Your business will seem more trustworthy and professional when you consider white space design as you build website content. Let the experts with BCI Media Services help you with winning website design today.