How can SMBs Prepare for Digital Marketing Trends in 2016?

Jan 25, 2016

Digital marketing trends are an ever-evolving enigma. The catchy ploy of last year might be outdated and cliche in just a few months. Certain trends, however, have been emerging and growing, and show no signs of slowing down in 2016.


Human beings are, at heart, herd animals. We long for connection. We seek out community. Social media gives people unprecedented chances to connect, communicate, and build lasting relationships. It also offers businesses opportunities to reach out to their customers like never before. In 2016, social media will continue to provide solid opportunities to build a loyal customer base and to create lasting relationships with the people who make up the core of the business.


Telling stories is more than a digital marketing trend; it’s a tradition that stretches back centuries. People have been telling one another stories for hundreds of years. Stories are what connect us, what help us understand one another. Stories bring people together. Social media and web content offer us exciting new ways to interact with the customer, and to share the stories that create a brand image.

Reaching the roots

Perhaps the most important digital marketing trend for 2016 will be what is sometimes called “micro advertising,” in which marketing efforts are focused on a small group of highly targeted consumers. In the race to reach the widest audience, it’s easy to overlook the local folks who frequent a small business’ brick and mortar location. It’s important to relate marketing efforts back to the most important people in the business – local customers.

In 2016, relational marketing, storytelling, and reaching local customers will be important digital marketing trends to pursue. Our staff is ready to help you develop the plan that is best suited to your business. Call today, to find out how we can help you stay ahead of the trends in the upcoming year.