Holiday Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Businesses

Oct 23, 2015

When everyone else is winding down through the lazy last days of fall, it’s time to strategize holiday advertising for small and medium businesses. Campaigns must be planned well in advance, and based on a solid grasp of goals, in order to be successful. By understanding the desired end result, business owners can map out strategic marketing that will connect with the desired target audience and boost sales during these important months.

Do Your Research

The first part of strategic holiday advertising for small and medium businesses is market research. Understanding the target audience is critical. This is where a marketing consultant can come in handy. A study of the core customer demographic can help refine the goals of the campaign. Reaching upscale, middle-aged female consumers in a specific, geographic area, for example, takes a different strategy from reaching parents of young children. The social media platforms, design of the website, print materials, and overarching tone of the campaign are all determined by the target audience.

Create A Plan

Once the target audience is determined, a sequential plan can be put into place. Marketing is a process. The best campaigns are crafted in carefully planned stages, each step building upon the last. Holiday advertising for small and medium businesses provides unique opportunities to try creative approaches to marketing. When customers are surprised and delighted by a campaign, more leads are generated and closed. Think outside the box when creating and presenting the message, and bring it to the customer in a fresh and unexpected way for the most effective results.

Vocalize Your Goal

Finally, incorporate a call to action to generate the maximum benefit from the campaign. Holiday advertising for small and medium businesses doesn’t have to be limited to commercials, social media ads, and radio spots. Promotions, contests, and other interactive campaigns are effective ways to generate customer interest and to build brand loyalty.

Business owners who understand their target customer demographic; set specific, focused goals; follow a planned timeline, and create fresh, unique marketing content that encourages customer interaction will benefit from the best returns on their investment. Spending marketing dollars wisely during the holiday season not only boosts profits and sales, but encourages customer loyalty for the entire year.