Hit it Big with Last Minute Holiday Marketing Strategies

Dec 17, 2015

It’s all about standing out from the crowd when you are trying to reach shoppers. To be effective, last-minute holiday marketing strategies must resonate with consumers and strike a chord that makes them take notice. Make this happen using a variety of different tactics designed to reach people who need or want your products.

Personalize the Message

While a mass emailing campaign may seem like a great way to reach your entire customer list, some degree of personal contact will deliver a more effective message. Instead of just plugging names into emails and hitting “send,” connect at a deeper level. By getting a little more information from potential customers about their preferences, you can tailor emails to connect more personally with people. When people feel a deeper connection and personalization in emails, they often respond more readily.

Mobile-Ready E-commerce

Anyone pursuing e-commerce business must have a strong mobile presence in order to serve the large segment of the population surfing the Internet on a mobile device. Websites must be mobile-friendly to attract and engage with visitors. Don’t forget that consumers will likely be reading emails on mobile devices, also. All email templates, including fonts and font sizes, must be optimized for mobile.

Exclusive Deals

No last-minute holiday marketing strategy would be complete without at least one exclusive deal offered to loyal customers to make them feel valued and special. This could be a special discount that you market to these customers via social media or an email campaign.

Fine-tune a last-minute holiday marketing strategy to make it bring in strong sales at the end of the season. This is the time when customers want special deals to find the final gifts they need on their shopping list.