How Google and Facebook Get Customers to Your Business

Mar 15, 2018


Do you remember the days of flipping through the phone book? Once you located the business you wanted you had to write the address down on a sticky note. Followed by hopping in the car and keeping your fingers crossed that you didn’t get lost? Or what about running your first few errands then discovering you’ve misplaced the sticky note. The one with the address of your new doctor’s office on it? What a drag. We don’t know about you, but we’re happy those days are behind us. There are millions of actions you can take on the internet. One of our absolute favorites is the ability to quickly get directions to your desired location. You’ll have to get past the fact that your phone knows exactly where you are at all times. But, once you do, you’re free to tackle your surroundings bravely and never again be late for a meeting. There are several ways to promote directions to your business through mobile devices. Two of the most important places to focus the headlights of your business on are Google Maps and Facebook ads. And, we’re here to help explain why.

Google Maps

Google Maps

In case you’ve missed the memo: Google continues to reign as the most influential and reputable guru of the digital world. Among the many ways Google helps customers find your businesses is conveniently offering a “Get Directions” button. If you have a Google Business Page (which you should, but if you don’t you need one now), Google will categorize your business in search results. This will also put your business, with your physical location, packaged neatly on Google Maps. Google Maps is an extremely interactive platform. It allows customers to easily connect with your business. It is completely free and it’s likely already installed on your smartphone. There are a lot of great features of having your company on Google Maps. The best feature about it though is the ease it allows your customers to access your website, call, or get directions. Once a customer has found you on maps, with the click of the “Get Directions” button they can be routed directly to your location. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that, for both the customer and the business.

Facebook Ads

In recent months, Facebook has stepped up in the world of advertising. One of the most effective ways they’ve done this is including call-to-action buttons for advertising. Using these buttons, you can customize your ads. Letting you prompt your audience to take actions such as visit your website or call your business. They can also shop or request appointments and so much more. Among these options, the ever-useful “Get Directions”  button. Now customers can get to your location directly from a Facebook ad. Facebook uses specialized targeting to reach your audience. This allows you to reach those who rely on Facebook for everything from social updates to news, to the best place in town to find tacos. Using the call-to-action button is definitely more direct. It might take a little more time to set up, but the results will pay off as you grab the attention of a more diverse clientele. 

How We Can Help

You can choose to optimize your Google search results with your Google Business Page. Or decide to create dynamic Facebook ads to get customers in your door. Either way, both methods are important in aiding the discovery of your business online.

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