Fun Social Media Ideas for Your Business

Jun 9, 2017

Image of smart phone screen with apps in Durango, CO

The vast majority of American adults are active on social media platforms like Facebook. Gaining the attention of each of them can be difficult. Here are a few social media management ideas for fun and engaging posts!

Give Tips Related to Your Industry

Industry tips, tricks, and #LifeHacks can build your reputation as a relatable authority. Mechanics can share pictures of engines that never had their oil changed. Restaurants can show how to make salad dressing at home. Consumers who use your suggestions will remember your brand the next time they need your services.

Participate in Trends

A few years ago, it seemed like every school and team was producing a Harlem Shake video. More recently, the mannequin challenge was an opportunity for businesses to show that they have a sense of humor. The mannequin challenge gave viewers a partial tour of facilities and staff, making the entire company seem approachable and fun. Whenever the next trend comes along, consider whether there might be an appropriate way to adapt it for your business. With social media management, humorous content is particularly effective at connecting with readers.

Feature Special Customers

Consider the long term clients who have worked with your company for years. If one of those clients is willing to do a video interview for social media, you will have a compelling testimonial to share. If you mostly serve walk-in customers, snapping a shareworthy smartphone picture and posting a quote may be more appropriate. Be sure to ask for the customer’s permission, of course. Some dealerships take pictures of customers alongside their new cars. If your office has a pet mascot or someone brings in a cute dog, animal pictures get a high level of engagement online.

Showcase Your Employee of the Month

As with customers, it’s a good idea to make sure your employee is okay with having their picture or video shared online. An employee can talk about business values as well as their personal experience. The content should demonstrate how your employees are qualified and experienced in their field. Customers will feel more connected with your business if they identify with people who work there.

Show Your Company Behind the Scenes

Without revealing trade secrets, a short video should give customers an idea of how your business works. For example, a manufacturer can show each step of the production and assembly process. A restaurant can provide glimpses of fresh ingredients and how they become the latest special on the menu. From HIPPA and confidentiality to patented techniques, each industry has special considerations with social media management.

If all of these ideas sound too time-consuming, it may be a good idea to hire a company like BCI Media Services for social media management. Effective engagement online takes time, energy, and expertise.