Four Ways to Promote Your Brick and Mortar Online

Aug 26, 2015

You want to increase traffic to your brick and mortar store, but you’re not sure how to promote a website. Take a deep breath— the process isn’t as difficult as you think. Here are four things to keep in mind as you build your online presence.

1. Keep your SEO strong

Make sure your website is built to maximize search engine optimization— that is, it’s written around keywords and key phrases that will most frequently appear in online searches, so that users will find your site more easily. A well-designed, easy-to-navigate site that loads quickly and eliminates old or outdated information has a much better chance of being found.

2. Provide fresh, insightful content

If you can maintain a blog yourself, by all means, do it. If not, then you can outsource the work. Your site should publish new content at least once, but preferably several times a week, featuring real, relevant information about your product or service that users need to know. Make sure you use search-friendly keywords in the title of your post. The writing should be direct and to the point, and image sizes should be kept small so that the page can load quickly.

3. Join Twitter and Facebook

One good tip when learning how to promote a website is to connect it with others on social media. Create a “fan page” on Facebook for your store, and post photos of your products or services, as well as announcements of upcoming sales or special events. Create a Twitter account to keep customers updated on your business, plus offer links to industry news and events. Twitter traffic translates to website traffic.

4. Reach out and connect

Don’t wait for your customers to come to you— reach out to them! Contact bloggers in your area, and offer to give them your product or service for an honest review. Create guest posts for other blogs. Interact with users on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure your website offers information about the area, so you are viewed as a local source.

Remember, if you need further assistance with any of these steps, BCI Media Services can help you learn how to promote a website. We offer packages for content marketing, SEO, and website development, as well as other services. Contact us for all of your online needs.