Five Fantastic Customer Service Tips For The Coming Holiday Season

Dec 21, 2015

The big-box stores may get most of the attention, but holiday sales are just as important for local businesses. In fact, many consider the holidays their make-or-break season, a time when they can bring in around half their yearly income. But in order to do so, neighborhood stores must provide superior holiday customer service. Here are five simple tips that can help your business win in the holiday season.

1. Invest In Online Support

Even if your business doesn’t sell its products and/or services on the Internet, a professional website can help you attract more customers. It can also be a godsend during the holiday season, when time is the most precious commodity. In addition to offering deals and promotions for holiday gifts and services, local business owners can use their website to provide holiday customer service. By answering customers’ questions via live chat or email, you can increase the chances of repeat business.

2. Update Your FAQ Section

When customers have common questions about your business, they normally either call you directly or check your website. Because things get busy during the holiday season, it may not be possible to personally respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. By including the answers to frequently asked questions on your website, you can improve your holiday customer service. Typical information shoppers look for during the holidays includes holiday hours, shipping times, and exchange and return policy info.

3. Manage Social Sites

Whether you own a restaurant, barber shop, or retail store, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are a great way to keep in touch with customers and improve your holiday customer service. By promptly answering questions and addressing complaints, you can show shoppers how attentive you are to their needs during the hectic holiday season.

4. Spread Some Cheer

It’s easy to get obsessed with dollars and cents during the silly season. One thing you can do to take the focus off the bottom line is to give back to a local charity. You might donate a portion of your sales on a certain day to a worthy cause. These heartfelt gestures often resonate with customers and drum up community involvement. With help from your social sites, you can promote these special events free of charge!

5. Embrace Holiday Giveaways

There’s no better time of year to let your customers know how much you appreciate their business. In addition to giving free items in person, you might utilize gift giveaways through your social sites. The winners would receive free products and/or services during the holidays.

Use these simple tips to improve your holiday customer service and support during the most important time of year.