How Facebook Measures Estimated Ad Recall and Why It Matters

Could you count how many ads you see across platforms every day? How many ads do you remember two days after you’ve seen them? Your personal estimated ad recall is most likely very small. As an advertiser, how do you make yourself stand out?

Luckily, Facebook does a great job with their algorithm, and delivering your ads to people who will most likely react positively and be interested in your advertising message. Facebook knows how each user typically behaves on the site, and delivers ads in order to provide better user experience along with using advertiser money wisely. This creates a win-win environment.

How Success Is Measured

Depending on your campaign objective, Facebook will provide you with several different metrics to measure the success of the ad. Brand awareness is a common campaign objective when you want your business, products, or services to be seen by a large amount of users. Brand awareness campaigns are successful when your business is just starting up and beginning to advertise, when your business is trying to reach a new target market, or when your business is launching a new product or service.

When running a brand awareness campaign, the metrics used to measure success can be ambiguous. Facebook provides a few metrics: reach (how many people your ad was delivered to), impressions (how many times your ad was delivered), and estimated ad recall lift. Impressions are generally higher than reach because the same person might have seen the ad multiple times. The reach and number of impressions are definitive, whereas estimated ad recall lift is an educated guess.

Estimated Ad Recall Lift – How Is It Calculated?

So what is estimated ad recall lift and how does Facebook calculate this? Estimated ad recall lift is the estimated number of people likely to remember the ad in two days. There is obviously no exact way to get a specific, correct number for this statistic. However, Facebook is always continuing its research and utilizing its resources to provide the best possible results.

This metric is influenced by your targeted audience, powerful creative, and existing awareness of your brand.

The factors that are used to calculate this:

  • The number of people that your ad reached.
  • Amount of time each person spent “looking” at your ad. If they stopped scrolling and hovered over your ad for 9 seconds as opposed to 1 second.
  • If any interaction with the ad took place: comments, likes, clicks.
  • The audience your ad is being delivered to, and their typical behavior with other ads. User behavior is tracked.
  • Polling. Results from ad recall surveys. These surveys are given to two groups: a group of people who have seen your ad and a group of people who have not, to keep it controlled. Facebook uses the difference in this number to determine the most accurate answers.


How To Use Estimated Ad Recall Lift For A Successful Brand Awareness Campaign

You can set yourself up for a successful brand awareness campaign if you consider the factors that influence estimated ad recall lift and use them to your advantage.

Knowing your audience is essential. You will make an impact if you deliver your ad to the right users at the right time. Reach is important. Keep your audience broad enough in order to convey your message to a significant amount of your target market. Make sure your message is powerful and relevant to your audience!

Choose a strong creative. Ads are more successful when the creative resonates with your audience.

A creative that draws attention to your audience will lead to action. Make sure you have a proper call-to-action that is appealing to your audience and makes sense for your campaign. This could be “Contact Us” or “Learn More” or several other options.

Consistency is key with these campaigns. If you have the same message and theme across your brand and campaigns, it will resonate with your audience and allow for a higher estimated ad recall lift rate.

With thousands of ads appearing to people every day, it is critical to use these factors in order to create a memorable campaign, and boost your estimated ad recall lift.

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