Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Media: The Battle That Isn’t

Jul 9, 2015

Digital marketing and traditional media have long been portrayed as being at odds with one another. But should we really say out with the old and in with the new? While digital marketing methods have definitive advantages over traditional methods, a healthy combination of the two can provide multiple relevant points of contact with a targeted customer base and foster business growth.

Traditional Marketing Strategies

Traditional media represents well-developed, decades-old strategies and tools used to spread the word about businesses and products. Platforms include radio, print, direct mail, and television advertising. Many Americans can still be reached through these traditional advertising methods as they watch football on a Sunday afternoon or read the newspaper over breakfast; however, they generally lead to fewer conversions because their messages aren’t targeted and often fall on deaf ears. That said, they may be the only way to reach older customers who aren’t online and those without access to a computer.

Digital Marketing Strategies

On the other hand, digital media is high-speed and targeted. Many businesses have jumped on this advertising method, seeking access to new demographics (both local and global) at lower costs. Digital marketing allows for constant, year-round exposure and is interactive and engaging, allowing customers and potential clients to ask questions and provide valuable feedback. It is also easily measurable through integrated analytics that allow you to measure conversion rates from a call-to-action to an actual purchase. This ability to track conversions provides valuable information to campaign managers and allows them to tweak marketing methods over time to produce better results.

When considering digital marketing vs. traditional marketing, seek to strike a balance and let digital marketing and traditional media work together. Give BCI Media Services a call today to see how to match media with your needs!