Digital Advertising 101: What is Paid Search or PPC Marketing?

Oct 20, 2015

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing offers an affordable way to spread the word about your brand or business. It also allows you to track where your buyers are actually coming from. PPC marketing displays banner ads featuring your product or service, displayed alongside a relevant post or image. Rather than simply displaying your ad randomly, the Pay Per Click model displays your information alongside the information that your prospect actually wants, making it more likely that the reader will click through and view your offer.

PPC marketing allows you to target relevant prospects and to limit your overall costs, since you’ll pay per click, not per impression or person who sees your ad. You’ll only need to pay for those who are actually inspired or interested enough to click through to your landing page, making this form of marketing more cost effective for your brand.

A website that displays your paid advertisement will only do so when a specific keyword, phrase, or term is used. This targeting allows you to precisely tailor your ad to a specific marketplace and to keep your costs low. When a site visitor searches for your specified terms, an ad or sponsored link will appear, tempting them to click through to your landing page and to learn more about your specific offer or business.

Using PPC marketing also gives you a concrete way to track the effectiveness of your ads. You’ll be able to see exactly how many viewers are taking action when they see your ad. With a paid search model, you’ll not only be able to judge the effectiveness of your own ads, but you’ll also be able to see how well suited the webpage is for your business.

With easy setup, high affordability and analytics that are simple to track and understand, PPC marketing offers a concrete and actionable way for a business to build awareness and advertise a product or service online. Learning more about the different ways you can promote your business online and keep your costs down can help you spread the word and target fresh prospects without breaking your bank.