Content that Grabs Attention on Facebook

Apr 14, 2016

ThinkstockPhotos-477693264To remain relevant, companies need to connect with consumers online, especially on Facebook, the most used social media site. These tips will help you create attention-grabbing posts that will get ‘shares’ and ‘likes.’

Multi-Image Collages

Anytime a company places images in a post, the information will take up more room on the news feed and standout from other posts that are just text. While one image is great, multiple images are even more effective. A collage visual with multiple images creates an album appearance, which pulls people in to take a closer look.

What’s Trending?

Facebook post engagement is all about current and trending topics. When a business finds a way to hop onto current topics, a post can build a lot of steam. Often, readers who embrace trending topics like to learn the latest news first. These types of people are more likely to share relevant posts that they find on their news feed.

Call to Action

A call to action—such as “share this image” or “like this post if…”—can get followers to take action, leading to increased engagement and landing page conversion rates. Companies should not be afraid to ask implicitly for the desired action, so readers clearly know how to engage.

Find Out When the Audience is Online

Facebook’s dashboard lets brands know when their fans are online, so try to post during peak times. Posting at the right time will give each post a greater chance of engagement.

Motivate Sharing

Sharing is a major activity on Facebook. The more compelling the content, the more likely readers will be to share it with their friends. The subject of a post should highlight a major issue that will resonate with fans. Anything that involves charitable work is often something beneficial to share.

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