Does Your Company Have a Content Marketing Niche?

Apr 5, 2016

ThinkstockPhotos-469772338Every local business needs a way to draw in new customers without feeling as though they are constantly advertising. Effective content marketing can provide useful information to your target base and draw them to your business. Content marketing is when you focus your marketing on creating and distributing relevant, consistent, and valuable content. It should attract and retain your target audience and entice them to action. In order to be at your most effective, however, you need to find a specific niche that will set your campaigns apart from the competition.

Getting Started

Finding the best niche boils down to your area of expertise. What is your business cornering the market on? When your customers look for you online, what keywords, or search terms, are they using to find you? These keywords will help you find the perfect area in which to focus your marketing.

One helpful tool in preparing a content marketing campaign is Google analytics. This tool tracks and reports your website traffic. It helps local businesses see how people find their websites and where they go once there. It is a very handy tool, and if utilized correctly, it can help to boost your flow of new customers.

Make It Specific

One type of content marketing is an inbound marketing campaign, which is when your blogs or social media posts bring in customers rather than you going out and gaining their attention through advertisements. Inbound marketing campaigns are all about specificity. If you go too broad on your topic, you bring in visitors to your blog that will not benefit from your services. For example, if your company provides financial planning to other local businesses, you might want to consider this as your niche. The term “finance” by itself is too broad and covers many different topics your clients don’t necessarily need.

Once you’ve established your specific niche, it’s important to stick with it. Building on the previous example, if your company is focusing on financial planning for local businesses, it wouldn’t help your company to fill its blog with posts on home budgeting or on how to live on a slim budget while going through college. Both of these topics are narrow and important; however, they would not help market your business to other local companies in need of assistance with their finances. They would not be in line with your business’s services, and therefore not help you build your niche.

Content marketing can be confusing, but BCI Media Services understands how to make a successful marketing campaign. We can take your niche and turn it into something that will set your business apart from its competitors.