Consistency is Key: Building Trust with Your Customers!

Feb 29, 2016

When it comes to building a business, finding customers who continue to come back, again and again, is one of the biggest keys to success, ie building trust. Getting your customers to come back means starting with some basics to give them a reason to come back for what your business has to offer. This can take some time, and also will require consistency, transparency, and owning your mistakes (sounds scary, but it really isn’t ;)).

1. Transparency is key.

Be open in the details of the products and services you have to offer. Between the Internet and social media, consumers have never been more educated before making a purchase. We can read reviews, research products from competitors, and find more information than ever before. Use your website and social media outlets to highlight new products, especially those you are excited about and don’t be hesitant to respond to reviews and comments to keep your conversations open and let customers know you care.

Building Trust

2. The Value in Consistency

When you think of some of the major brands you know, how do you think they have grown so huge? Many of these brands, such as GoPro, Apple, or Uber Rides, have built their empires through one simple idea of offering a consistent product every time a customer makes a purchase from their business. Just think, if you spend money on an Apple computer, had a great experience, but were then sorely disappointed by your next Apple purchase, would you be excited to buy another computer from them? While this is obviously not the case with this trusted brand, you can use the same idea to be sure you are the consistently awesome option, by sticking to what works for your customers and avoid changing it up frequently. This can include small things such making sure your teams are saying the same things to customers, both in your business, and when online, or sticking with a product your customers love.

3. Admit to Mistakes

Let’s face it, making mistakes is a fact of life, and your business and employees are bound to do this from time to time. Though, making the mistakes is not the worst thing that could happen. The worst thing you can do is to not admit to your mistakes, or work with your customers to make it right. An easy way to do this online is by responding to any negative reviews with an apology and a positive offer. This can be a great way to show customers you heard them, even online, and want to work with them to get it right the next time they visit your business.

Building trust with your customers is very much like building trust with a new friend, or employee. If you are consistent in the interactions, your customers can begin to expect similar experiences every time they come to your business. This leads to trust in your business, service, and products. When a customer trusts your business, they are more likely to make a purchase with you in the future, before ever visiting a competitor. In fact, when recommending a business consumers are more likely to recommend a trusted business, and 82% more likely to continue shopping with a business they trust!