How to Build an Effective Small Business Website

Mar 15, 2016

Small businesses need a website–and a good one, at that. Establishing a solid web presence will help people discover and pay attention to your brand. Of course, you want to make sure your website is attracting attention for the right reasons. While an expertly designed website can leave consumers with a good impression, a poorly built site can cause potential customers to move on to competitors. BCI Media Services wants to help your business reach its full potential through professional web development.

Determine the Purpose and CTA

The first thing you should do before building a website is to decide what purpose it is going to serve. Does your business sell a product or a service? If you sell a product, give people relevant and engaging information about the product and consider setting up an online shop. For an e-commerce site to receive online payments, the website needs an external payment service, which is easy through an e-commerce software or a third-party payment process. Does your company provide a service? Explain why your service is different and give people a reason to choose you over your competition. Whether your website is a direct platform for e-commerce or a general description of services, it must include a compelling call-to-action such as an appointment request form or a newsletter sign-up. The goal of your website is to gain more customers, so make sure it is constructed in a way that naturally facilitates growth.

Eye-Catching Media

Include various media to showcase your goods or services. Consumers respond well to photos, artwork, and short videos on websites. Media keeps them engaged and entertained. Make sure your logo is clearly visible and prominent on the site. A logo image creates a first impression and can leave a lasting impression. It should be strategically placed where it is both visible and out of the way such as a bottom corner or centered in the header.

Time to Build

After you’ve decided what you want to include on your page, it’s time to start building. For this step, it’s important to find a company with both trusted web development, digital marketing services, and experience helping small businesses connect with their customers through cutting edge technology. Once you have a concept for your site, we can create it. We offer flexible packages that allow us to work closely with our clients to create and maintain a professional, effective website.

Modern consumers expect to see both retailers and professional online. If you don’t have a website, you are missing an opportunity to connect with consumers. A well-designed website could be what your company needs to compete with larger brands in your industry.