Benefits of Text Delivery Ads and Alerts to the Consumer

Jun 21, 2017

Phone in the back pocket of jeans in Durango, CO

With most Americans owning a cell phone and routinely using it to send and receive text messages, SMS (small message service) has become a dynamic force in online advertising and marketing. Research shows that cell phone users are more receptive to SMS marketing messages than those from email and social media. Many consumers have even programmed their phones to alert them when a new SMS message arrives.

Instant Connection With Customers

SMS enables a business to serve its customers anytime and anywhere. Cell phone saturation in North America exceeds 95%, and SMS’ access to them is as routine as texting a personal note to a relative or friend. SMS doesn’t have to battle the spam filters of email while stirring a genuine reaction from subscribers. It provides a more direct connection to a company’s customer base than any other form of online advertising or marketing strategy—without any barriers.

Consumers Welcome SMS Messages

Because SMS requires the subscriber to opt into its services, communication is encouraged between a business and its mobile users. The consumer has already bought into the company’s product or services; otherwise, he or she would not have signed up for its SMS messages in the first place. The goal of SMS marketing is to make customers feel like they are special. Whether the topic is a sale, contest, or promotion, SMS messages initiate more potential customer reaction and engagement than any other online advertising or marketing strategy.

SMS Complements Other Marketing Channels

Businesses need the internet, email, and social media advertising to develop their SMS contact lists. Ideally, these all work together in a vibrant mix of online advertising and marketing. An SMS message, for example, can remind consumers to review an email the business sent a few hours earlier. In fact, a simple text message like “Have you read our email?” may increase the opening of emails by a significant rate. In addition to being extremely affordable, SMS can generate impressive ROI numbers when used effectively.

SMS Is Short, Sweet, and Productive

In today’s world of swift communication, the most influential characteristic of SMS online advertising and marketing may be its brevity. Just a sentence or two, with a link to a website for info on a timely sale or promotion, and it’s gone—with research showing 97% of its recipients will read it within 15 minutes.

Without question, the advent of cell phones unleashed the once-latent potential of text messaging. As a result, the future of SMS online advertising and marketing is brighter than ever before. Interested in learning how to better market your brand through SMS messaging? Contact BCI Media Services at any time.