Be Prepared for 2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Jan 20, 2016

Digital marketing is the use of electronic media to promote products or services. When local businesses have an online presence with customers, they have the opportunity to provide consumers with information that can lead to sales. Media trends constantly evolve, so it’s important to make sure that marketing efforts remain effective. BCI Media Services is ready to assist with a full assortment of services designed to meet virtually any need.

Prioritize Content

Relevant and fresh content remains at the top of the priority list. Consumers want information, and they are looking for businesses they can trust to educate them. To fulfill this need, local businesses must provide high-quality content that shows up in search engines. Companies that provide video content score even higher with consumers, usually being deemed more trustworthy. Over 70 percent of consumers have a positive impression of a company that produces video content.

Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Successful digital marketing demands consideration of SEO ranking. Search engines place a premium on the highest quality content, even above keywords. This means that the websites providing the best content will rank higher on organic searches. When website visitors happen upon a website with engaging visual content such as infographics and videos, they are more likely to spend more time on the website. These longer “dwell times” help search engines decide the value of the content, too, which can further enhance SEO ranking.

Mobile Optimization

SWith the explosion of mobile browsing, local businesses simply cannot be left behind in the world of mobile optimization. To ensure that marketing tactics reach the high percentage of people browsing the Internet on a mobile device, companies must have websites that are mobile friendly.

Consumers prefer sleek and simple websites, so any current digital marketing plan must include an updated website that communicates trustworthiness and a contemporary brand.

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