4 Steps to Effective Marketing Infographics

Oct 27, 2016

Developing an infographic is a compelling way to explain complex processes or illustrate concepts. But not every infographic is a home run. Designers and content developers should consider these tips and tricks to create infographics in marketing campaigns.


  1. Know the Elements of Effectiveness

An effective infographic in marketing or in general must be compelling, credible, clear, and controversial. That means the author is creating a story that stands out from similar content and using credible data sources. The graphic should be clear enough that the audience is able to understand the information contained with a quick skim. Controversy is also key; if the infographic doesn’t elicit a response, it won’t be talked about and shared.

  1. Find Focus

The focus of an infographic in marketing content should be able to be summarized in a short sentence. For example, if creating an infographic from this article, the focus could be expressed as “how to create an effective infographic.” Concepts that need more lengthy explanations don’t necessarily make the best infographics. In addition to topic, audience is a key element of focus in content marketing. The infographic should provide knowledge the audience wants. For example, this article is targeted to those interested in creating infographics, and therefore, it will not deviate to a new topic.

  1. Construct a Narrative

Once the focus is narrowed and the necessary data is accessed, it’s time to turn it into a story by looking for key data points that can be fleshed out to explain a broad concept or make a complicated concept easier to understand. Sketches and storyboards are valuable tools when drafting an effective infographic and playing with potential ideas.

  1. Think Clean

The best infographics in marketing avoid too many colors, images, words, and extraneous elements that take away from the true message. Even the best content will flounder under a design that’s too complicated or confusing. Infographic creators should stick to the basics of visual marketing and toss out elements that detract from the core message.