4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Be Using Video Content

By Sean Moriarty, BCI Media Digital Marketing Strategist


Have you ever seen a super fun, informative video on your Facebook feed that had hundreds of thousands of views and thought to yourself, “I want that.” Well, it’s not as difficult or costly as you may think and video content is more valuable than you could ever imagine. Here are some reasons why your small business should be leveraging video.


Video Content Rules Engagement

Words get a message across and photos are worth a thousand words. Video is worth 1,200 times that. That sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Brightcove reported last year that video content generates 1,200% more shares than photos and text combined. Shares are the most valuable kind of online engagement, but that statistic doesn’t even account for the substantial increase in likes and comments video generates as well.


Reach More Mobile Customers


Last year, the amount of users accessing the internet via mobile devices rose to 51.3%, overtaking desktop and notebook computers. This drastic change in the way people consume information has made other content less valuable. It’s tough to read a long blog or infographic on such a small screen. Video has the power to convey a lot of information in a much shorter amount of time and the visual and auditory elements keep people’s attention. This is what mobile users crave.


More Click-Throughs from Your Email List


I’m sure a lot of you put a ton of time, thought, and effort into crafting the perfect email newsletters for your customers. I’m also willing to bet that all of that work seemed wasted when you saw disappointing click-through rates. Adding video content to your emails can double or even triple the amount of clicks from your email list.


Video Has Great ROI


Great videos are not cheap to produce, but that shouldn’t deter you. Seventy-six percent of businesses that use video in their marketing have said they saw a fantastic return on their investment. Even a thrown-together video from your phone can get a lot of engagement or even go viral if it’s funny, topical and/or heartfelt. People love seeing down-to-earth businesses be themselves. Video content is the best way to showcase that and build trust with your audience.


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