3 Steps to Publishing a Facebook Business Page

Oct 6, 2017

As more people rely on the internet and social media to search for businesses, it’s no wonder why creating a Facebook business page is considered an important step in a company’s marketing plan. Companies large and small are taking advantage of Facebook’s nearly 1.65 billion active users, using this major social media platform to connect with their target audience. Some business managers, especially ones recently established, may feel intimidated by the process of building their company’s page on social media and fully utilizing search engine optimization services. However, having a Facebook business page does not have to be an overwhelming task as long as these few simple steps are followed. Desk with paper and pencils

1. Start with Basic Business Information

First, open a Facebook business page with the basic information needed to attract potential clients. Choose a category the company falls under (e.g., local business/place, community for a cause, organization, product, or artist/entertainer). Once a selection has been made, start adding any information that may be useful to the audience, such as the name of the product or company, address, website, contact information, and a brief business description. Also, don’t forget to add visuals. Grab the attention of your audience with an eye-catching profile picture and cover photo.

2. Publish Content to Engage Potential Clients

Next, start posting content to the Facebook business page. Content may include links to articles relevant to the product, photos with detailed captions describing behind-the-scenes action, milestones, or even status updates. These are great conversation starters and can get followers engaged with the company and the mission. Consistent updates on a social media page will help to promote and entice more followers. It can also help staff members to communicate with followers, giving them insights on how to improve the product or company in the future. If you need more help with content marketing, our team can handle the hefty load and build you a custom strategy.

3. Promote the Page and Use Analytics

You’ll want to track the number of followers, views, and likes on the Facebook business page. Seeing the pattern of likes and followers on the page can inform your future marketing ideas. Be sure to promote the page on all official websites, and if need be, hire a website developer to get it in tip-top shape before driving traffic there. Repurposing articles that have garnered a lot of attention from readers is an excellent way to promote the page. This will keep posts fresh and can also be used to update followers on new products or innovations. Tracking views is also necessary to know how to better engage customers. To see how many people have seen the page, go to the top of the Facebook profile and click “insights,” then “page views.” Check back regularly to monitor how many more people are tuning into the posts and articles.

Keeping track of this information and regularly engaging with your readers will help to refine your content and, in the end, will better serve your customers. To learn more about how your business can use social media to market to your target audience, ask our team about our social media management services.