3 Benefits of Having a Blog on Your Website

Oct 18, 2017

In today’s digital marketing landscape, there are more ways than ever for businesses to connect with their customers. This broad variety does not, however, mean that companies can be more selective. In the world of digital marketing, companies that don’t take advantage of all the marketing services at their disposal risk missing out on a segment of customers. Business blogging is one important component of a marketing strategy that companies often overlook. Here are three reasons why having a blog on your website is imperative. Man writing a blog on a computer

Drive Traffic to Your Website

A blog can be an excellent way to drive traffic to a business website. The chances are high that someone reading a blog post about shoes, for example, is interested in learning more or maybe even purchasing shoes. Providing a link to a website’s products page, special deals, or ordering page is a good way to drive traffic to that site from engaged readers. With blogging that uses relevant content to link back to the website, businesses can increase their website metrics and ultimately their sales.

Give Your Business an SEO Boost

Keywords and topics that appear in the text of a blog can increase your business’ search engine optimization. Regular blogging will provide websites with fresh content related to specific keywords. This will significantly increase the likelihood of search engines being able to find that website when those keywords are used. Businesses can choose to be intentional and emphasize a select few keywords. Or they can write more naturally and incorporate a broader base of keywords.

Position the Company as an Industry Leader

One of the most important things a blog can do is position a business as a trusted source for information among your client base. Not only will blogging help spread the word about products and services, but it also builds trust with your customers. If customers trust a business to provide them with knowledge on goods and services, they will likely have confidence in your business’ ability to provide the goods and services they desire.

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