Three Ways to Get Your Content Noticed Online

You’ve got your website up and running, and now you are waiting for users to find it. Now you need to optimize your content. Good content goes a long way toward increasing your site’s SEO and online presence, not to mention increasing your followers. If you’re still struggling with the question, “What is content marketing?” here are three rules to follow to make sure you get noticed.

1. Stay on schedule

You can update your blog, post links to Twitter, or update your Facebook page once or twice a week, or so much as daily. You can post in the morning or the afternoon, but whatever schedule you choose, stick to it. An irregularly updated site is a site that loses readers, or worse— it doesn’t get read at all.

2. Pick your voice

What is the tone of your site? Is it casual, formal, friendly, intellectual? Make your decision based on the type of user you’re trying to reach, then choose your topics and wording to appeal to that user. Whatever type of user you’re looking for, remember you want to inspire a response from them – a strong emotion, a desire to help, or a desire to buy. Keep your tone and call to action consistent across all of the different aspects of your online presence, from your blog to your online newsletters to your email outreach.

3. Streamline your design

What is content marketing, but a way to get users to view your website? Since that’s what you want, don’t neglect the basics of your site. The URL of your site, and all of the different pages that are part of it, should contain relevant keywords, separated by dashes to describe what’s on the page and catch the user’s attention. Make each page title on your site original and descriptive, and be sure to use keywords. Remember to optimize your site for mobile viewing, as well. Huge numbers of Internet searches are now on mobile devices, and you want your site to be just as readable on a smartphone as it is on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

These rules will send you on your way to increased traffic. Remember, if you still need help learning what is content marketing, you can learn more about it and other website marketing products from BCI Media Services. If you’d like to hear more about the packages we offer, contact us!