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Social media is just that, an outlet for your customers to be social, and engage, share, like, and connect with your business. With nearly 2 billion social media users worldwide, social media is the new word of mouth. Don’t miss your chance to join the conversation! With expertise in social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, BCI Media Services can help build your social brand. Whether you’re looking to grow a presence on multiple platforms, or focus on one platform in particular, social media management can help you reach your social marketing goals.

Social Presence Package (includes Facebook, Google+, and an Option of; Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest)

Increase brand awareness through multiple social media platforms with professionally branded, and well-maintained social profiles. Keep your existing and long time customers engages, as well as bring in new customers across up to three social platforms including Facebook and Google+.

Google+ Branding & Management Package

Google+ and Google My Business are essential online platforms for businesses trying to get found online. As a local listing and as a socially functioning site, all owned by Google, these listings offer very beneficial qualities in ensuring your business information is accurate and can be found in the organic search results.

Twitter Branding & Management Package

Twitter is a fast-paced social platform that offers its users up to date, instant information. With one of the largest social followings, Twitter is a great resource for telling your customers valuable information in the moment and keeping them up to date with your business news, sales, events, and more..

Facebook Management & Paid Advertising Package

With the wide variety of ad types and many options in targeting your audience on Facebook, you are able to expand your reach even further with a moderate budget. Facebook boosting allows you to have your content, including your photos, posts, and events to be seen by an even wider range of individuals and new customers.

Facebook Management, Paid Advertising, & Custom Tab Package

Increase the effectiveness of the Facebook Management & Paid Advertising Package by adding a custom Facebook tab and designated landing page.

BCI Media Services’ Social Media Management includes; strategy and development, optimized set-up, branding, content creation, and implementation, with regular reporting.

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