PowerListings+ Online Directory Listings Solutions

In today’s increasingly digital focused world, customers are gravitating toward the search results for their next purchase. Getting your business found in organic search results, means starting with a strong, and consistent foundation in your online listings. With thousands of online directory listing sites constantly finding and displaying business listing information, having your business’ name, address, phone number, and website listed correctly and consistently online is key to building trust with search engines, and ensuring your customers can find your business easily.

With PowerListings+ your business’ listing information is verified as correct, shared with over 50 online directory sites, and submitted to the top online listing aggregators, including Google. Build your online presence with rich listings that include your business’ logo, hours of operation, detailed and keyword rich business description, photos of your business, and more to stand out in the crowd, and search results.

Whether you’re just getting started with digital marketing, or your business has moved, changed business names, or gone through other changes that may still be getting found online, making sure your customers know how to find you, is something every business needs. Choose from two strategy levels of quarterly or monthly listing update opportunities, rich information additions, and reporting, to start building or cleaning up your online listing foundation in digital marketing with PowerListings+.

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