Content Marketing with Strategy

Content marketing is the most direct and original way to engage with your customers online. These days, consumers are more educated than ever before making a purchase and they do much of this research with information they find online. By providing your audience an outlet to learn more about your business, you can be part of their research, gain their trust, grab their attention and ultimately create a lasting and loyal relationship. Putting the right strategy behind your content marketing allows you to go into more depth about your products, services, news and business.

Content Creation & Blog Management Package

Your blog is an essential tool for affirming your business’ status as an expert in the industry. Publishing fresh, informative and relevant content can also help your business earn trust with search engines, rank higher in organic search results and grow online visibility. This package includes management of an existing blog or the creation and management of a new blog for your business.

Email Marketing Package

Email marketing is a highly effective tool for engaging with your current customers and staying at the top of their minds. Running an email marketing campaign that is both informative and promotional can significantly improve the conversion rate of any marketing initiative.

Website Copywriting

Having a fully functional and user-friendly website is set apart with the copy on your pages. Get the right message to your customers when the make their first impression of your business with professionally written copy for your website. Build a strong foundation for your website with BCI Media Services copywriting services and get strategy written into every page.

BCI Media Services’ content marketing packages tell your business’ story with a strategy, while also helping you get found online. With a specialized group of copywriters, an in-depth content strategy and plan, we’ll portray your business the right way online.

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