Online Directory Listings: Their Strength in Digital Marketing and How to Fix Them

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By Laura Hughes, BCI Media Services Content Marketer


For the majority of younger generations, the concept of using an actual phonebook to look up contact information might not even scratch the surface of possibility. Most of the population is grabbing their cellphones and entering into another enticing Google search. Whether you’re ordering your favorite Chinese takeout or searching for a local dentist, for many of us those clunky directory books have begun to collect dust. But even though the world of physical phonebooks might be dying down, what many do not know is that the world of directory listings is very much still alive on the Internet, in fact, it’s growing. Online directories have a tremendous effect on the search results from a search engine such as Google, and can make or break the deal when it comes to customers finding your business.

The Wild World Wide Web


The internet can be a wild place, with millions of pieces of data moving and changing every second of every day. And your listing information is not immune to these changes. The information that gets put into online directories (whether you enter it or not) can easily get distorted and changed over time as the internet manipulates your information.


  • 87% of online listings are wrong or inconsistent
  • 71% of consumers said they like the convenience of local search results and will likely choose the businesses they find in search
  • 70% of businesses said they don’t have the time to check and update all listings

This means that if you are not consistently tracking and maintaining every single online directory that is listing your business, pieces of critical information can quickly get manipulated. Before you are even aware of an issue, prospective customers might be searching for your business and getting conflicting results. One directory might have your hours listed correctly, while another one says you are open 24/7. Try explaining that to an angry customer knocking on your door on a Sunday morning. Incorrect listings and invalid information quickly cause confusion among your potential customers, and ultimately results in frustration and a loss in business.


In This Case, Richer is Always Better


Not only is the accuracy of the listing important, but the actual content of the listing helps uphold your reputation as a business. The more information and rich content that your listing has, the higher your search results will rank and the more intrigued your customers will be. Rich content can include photographs, menus, staff biographies or anything else that might make your listing unique. Including photographs of your business instantly increases authority and personal interest, and 60% of surveyors stated that a listing with a photograph is more appealing. As consumers in a digital world, the more visually pleasing the content is, the more likely we are to engage with it.

Just a Matter of Time



As with most great things in life, keeping all of your directory listings straight takes a good chunk of time! Aside from spending precious amounts of time updating directory information and taking time away from running your business, what can you do to solve this problem? The solution might be easier than you thought, and we are here to break it down for you.


Your Next “Power” Move


Let us formally introduce you to the “power” of our PowerListings+ packages! A PowerListing+ package allows us to mainstream the core information of your business and how it appears on some of the top online directories. We take your core information (name of the business, address, phone number, website link) and upload it correctly into about 70 online directories, and we maintain that correct information for as long as you’re signed up for this product.


What exactly does that mean? This means that the information about your business is locked in on those directories and the frequent manipulation of content on the internet will not occur with your listing. It means customers will find you where you actually are during the hours you’re open. The listing’s accuracy will be maintained, and we will also keep a close eye on any duplicates that occur over time to ensure your listing stays correct, no matter how much the internet tries to change it. And remember the value of having that rich content to your listing as discussed previously? Depending on the package you choose, you have the ability to include this rich data with your listing and have it updated monthly. Learn more here about the specific packages and which one is a perfect match for your company!


Overall, the importance of online listings in major online directories is coming to the surface for many businesses. Investing in the enrichment and clarification of your search results will help increase the value of your company, and help build trust with your customers.

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