Online Content Rundown: What’s the Point of a Press Release?

When news happens at a company—and a lot of things can be defined as news—one of the best types of online content to use in order to share this information is a press release.

The social media press release is a great tool to share newsworthy events regarding a business with prospective customers, as it is written in an unbiased, ad-free way that brings instant credibility and believability to the piece. The key is to use social media press releases solely for those events that are interesting and newsworthy to offer readers compelling content about topics and happenings that will suck them in.

What Are the Best Topics for Social Media Press Releases?

In terms of the various types of online content, social media press releases have to be the most neutral in their tone. To make these unslanted pieces of content beneficial for both the company and the reader, they should be about important happenings within a company.

Events such as charity benefits that show the human side of a business are excellent press release topics. If a firm wins an award, either at the local or national level, this is also fair game for a social media press release, as it shows readers how the company is separating itself from its competitors. Is a business introducing a new product or service to the public? The press release is a great platform for this type of announcement.

Social media press releases should put businesses in a positive light and act as forms of advertising or digital marketing just like other types of online content, but they should do so without the advertising jargon or slant that can detract readers.

Why Use Press Releases?

Much how newspapers informed the world decades ago, the strength of social media press releases lies in their simplicity. Out of all types of online content, these tools are the best at distributing company news in a quick, easy-to-read format. Press releases also give search engine exposure to a business while affording it the opportunity to link relevant multimedia as a marketing tool.