Google+ vs Google My Business: Which To Use to Effectively Market Your Business

ThinkstockPhotos-532148371Having an internet presence is essential for every small business owner. Since Google is the most popular search engine, it makes sense that you would be interested in working with one of their social media options in conjunction with other outlets. In order to gain the best benefits, understanding the difference between Google+ and Google My Business is essential.


Google+ is the search engine’s answer to Facebook. Users can set up hangouts to allow groups to interact with one another via text messages and video chats. This method of communication with clients and customers may be slightly better than that of Facebook. Instead of sending private messages or chats, the hangout allows you to confer with them in real time. You can also post updates and photos to “The Stream”, which is Google’s version of the familiar Facebook timeline.

Despite the advantages, there is a chance you won’t necessarily reach as many users as you would using Facebook since the subscriber number is approximately half that of the social media giant. In addition, your business’s Google+ page may not display in a random internet search they way your Facebook page might.

Google My Business

If Google+ is equal to a standard Facebook page, then Google My Business is like a Facebook business page. This service is far from new; however, the names have changed over the years. Originally, the service was Google Places and then Google+ Local.

A My Business page allows you to post all relevant company information such as hours of operation, phone numbers, email, and address. Google allows customers to pinpoint your location on a map displayed on the page. With the addition of images, this site acts as an advertisement for your company.

Unlike Facebook’s business pages, Google My Business pages appear in online search results. Typically, these pages appear close to the top of the first page as a local business search. This is advantageous for any company.

Both services can be beneficial to your company. However, if your time is limited you’ll greatly benefit from having the Google My Business service over a Google+ page.

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