Google Plus Isn’t Dead: The Importance of Google Plus Verification

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When Google Plus was originally launched, potential users waited impatiently for invites to be among the first people to try out what was being hailed as the next social media sensation. Perhaps the expectation was too high that Google Plus would replace Facebook, but it seemed like Google’s latest project had a hard time taking off. However, anyone who hasn’t been on Google Plus recently is missing some big changes. The new Google Plus interface draws in users by focusing more on people’s shared interests, making it a valuable asset in a social media marketing campaignImage of a server at a restaurant which has been verified by Google Plus, as recommended by BCI Media Services in Durango, CO

Using Google Plus Collections and Communities

Businesses can use Google Plus local listings to reach users who live nearby. In addition, they can engage customers by using Collections, and they can reach a new audience through Communities. Collections are a way to separate content by particular interests, allowing users to follow only those topics that interest them. For instance, a retailer might have separate Collections for apparel, shoes, and purses, while an auto manufacturer might have Collections featuring cars, trucks, prototypes, and engine technology. Allowing individual users to customize the content they see can help keep them engaged and build brand loyalty.

When a company is involved in Communities, it has a better chance of attracting new business. A restaurant might participate in the “Foodies+” Community, a group with nearly a quarter of a million users. Members of the group post photos of food and engage in conversation about innovative ingredients, seasonal produce, and their favorite recipes. This can be an excellent way to network with other business owners as well as to find new customers.

The Importance of Business Verification

Businesses who are using Google Plus need to verify their page through their Google My Business account. According to Google, verified businesses are twice as likely to be considered reputable by users, but companies also enjoy other benefits. Verified businesses can use the new features of Google My Business to enter helpful information, including location details, payment options, photos from the company, and additional features like Wi-Fi accessibility. To verify, business owners should log into their account and choose the available verification method, which could be a phone call, text, email, or postcard verification mailed directly to the business.

When it comes to managing Google Plus and Google My Business, both are valuable tools for getting your business found online. Contact BCI Media Services to learn how we can help your small business use social media to make a big impact.