The Future Is Now: Deliver Your Message with 360-Degree Photos and Videos

Marketing gets better and better each year, with new technology available to get the word out. One of the newest innovations lets business owners and online marketers use 360-degree photos for a more complete, interactive viewing experience. Here are some of the benefits of including these exciting photographs and videos in any marketing effort. Image of a business owner's hand holding a camera taking a 360 degree photo, as recommended by BCI Media Services

A Uniquely Immersive Visual Experience

In any sector, the ability to view every angle of a room is a huge benefit for customers. Real estate is a good example. Getting a complete view of every room in a house is highly appealing to potential buyers or renters. Properties can be fully previewed online anytime and at the viewer’s convenience.

High-quality virtual tours that make use of 360-degree photos are available now in many industries, particularly tourism and hospitality. Travelers who can see their accommodations beforehand, along with key areas like lobbies and dining rooms, are likely to book with the hotel or cruise. It’s about generating interest and excitement via a unique visual experience that allows consumers to see as much as they want about their intended destinations.

Retail businesses can benefit from virtual tours of shopping centers or individual stores. Museums, art galleries, concert halls and theaters can potentially attract larger audiences through online advertising that incorporates interactive 360 views. Universities can use this technology to easily show off dorms and campus points of interest to prospective students and their families. Virtual tours successfully immerse interested parties more deeply into the environment.

Research-Backed Evidence

There’s a substantial body of research out there that shows a correlation between visual interest and consumer engagement. Consider the following:

– According to RISMedia’s Real Estate Magazine, property listings that include virtual tours are clicked 40 percent more than listings without online tours.

– A phone survey conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project reveals that internet users more likely to take virtual tours tend to be college graduates with higher household incomes.

– The Pew Internet & American Life Study also shows that when deciding whether to buy products or services, 80 percent of internet shoppers indicate that images are vital.

With consumers in general, and higher income consumers in particular, being so focused on images, it makes sense to incorporate 360-degree photos in marketing campaigns. Learn more about digital marketing packages available through BCI Media Services.