Finding Ideas for Content is Easier Than You Think!

Content is King! If you haven’t heard this yet, you may be a bit behind in the digital marketing game, but nothing to worry about, there is always time to start building your content library and getting it found online. However, this may take some work and creativity.

Content Ideation Can Be Easier Than You Think

When it comes to playing in the game of digital content marketing, what you really need are ideas. Lots and lots of ideas! Though these ideas also need to lead you to developing useful content your audience will find something truly valuable in, and doing this on a constantly frequent basis. Sounds overwhelming, but not so much if you break this down a bit.

First, start thinking about where you can find ideas for your content, and start keeping track of these! Writing a list is helpful, but creating a spreadsheet (we like Google Sheets!), can help you develop a true strategy around all of those great ideas! Looking for your first idea, that first bit of inspiration you know will start the ball rolling to more ideas than you thought you had?

  • Ask your staff. Your team gets questions all the time from customers, vendors, and more. Are there any questions you could write a quick article about, or perhaps some topics that would lend themselves to a strong “how-to” list?
  • Find your top categories to focus on. Often referred to as Keywords in the world of SEO, we can also think of these as the categories you want your business to be known for, or the products your business sells. Not only can these help you to refine an idea for a focused piece of content (your audience and search engines will prefer this), what those categories include, can have a plethora of ideas ready for content development!
  • Look at the search results. In their effort to make your search as a consumer easier by offering suggestions, Google as a search engine is also making your work of ideation easier by giving you these suggestions too.

Even when you have a great idea, sometimes you may find yourself losing inspiration. If this happens, these are some things top content developers in the industry try with their teams to jump-start their creativity:

  • Get out for some fresh air with a small group! Getting out of the office or into different surroundings can help your mind re-focus on what’s important, often bringing a fresh perspective, and renewed energy. Bringing your team along is not only a fun way to get a small break from work, but having others around is important for bouncing ideas around, and building on ideas that may seem “stuck”.
  • Don’t be too critical of your “bad” ideas. As long as you can keep moving forward, any “bad” ideas are likely to lead to better ideas, and sometimes even great ones!

Keep the inspiration going by using your Google Sheets document, and pay attention to what topics your audience is responding well to, and what elements you’re adding to your content so you can bring something similar back into your mix in the future. These can be powerful bits of information to guide your content marketing strategy, and help you find new ideas when creativity feels nearly impossible.

When bringing your ideas to life, be aware of your distribution strategy for your ideas. Some distribution channels may limit, or enhance the ways you can bring your content ideas to life! But, we’ll cover more of that in our next article!