Customer Service or Online Presence? The Best Businesses Balance Both

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 9.34.08 AMCustomer service management should be the most important aspect of any business. Depending on what industry your business is in, the majority of customers will research products and make purchases within a brick-and-mortar store. And, within an actual store, it is easy to control customer service relations. Even if this isn’t the case, and your business relies on a website or digital interaction in order to sell products, customer service management should still be your #1 consideration. Great customer service interactions will garner you a good reputation, build company loyalty, and encourage repeat visits from customers and friends of customers.

Customer Service Vs. Online Presence

However, the importance of an online presence to the modern business cannot be overstated. With today’s emphasis on digital review sites and customer reviews, customers begin interacting with your company and products well before they ever walk into a store or visit a website. From where your store shows up in search results to what kinds of products are included in online advertising, potential customers are making judgments about your company based on information they find on the web.

In order for your company to reach its earning potential, you need to utilize many different types of digital marketing tools in order to establish a strong online presence. And this presence shouldn’t end at search engine optimization or online advertising; no, you should use tools like social media sites to draw in customers and give a positive impression of your business, products, and services before the buying or selling begins.

Using Online Tools

A strong, positive online presence can be directly translated into sales within your store as long as you maintain good customer service management. Don’t stop at just running company social media accounts; monitor the accounts and respond quickly to comments, questions, or feedback. Don’t just offer an online product catalog; make sure that the catalog is updated often and has the latest numbers on available products. By giving the customer what they want the first time an interaction happens, you increase the chances of there being more interactions in the future.

Retailers who are adapting to meet consumers’ changing preferences are the ones who are the most successful in their respective fields.

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