Content Marketing and Fresh Content for Your Small Business

You may not realize it, but you should be marketing your business online. Driving traffic to your company’s website will help boost sales. However, why should people visit your site? That is where content comes in. You can attract visitors and keep them coming back to your website regularly when you publish fresh and engaging content for them to read. If you are wondering what content marketing is, you can learn how to incorporate this trend into your business plan.

Connecting with a Blog

By creating a blog to represent your small business on the web, you are providing an avenue to connect with potential and existing customers. A blog can be an excellent way to share your expertise, provide tips, and encourage customers to engage in communication with you. Customers will typically stay up-to-date with your blog via a news feed or social media.

Frequency of Updates

In times past, it was essential for a blog to have timely updates to keep readers involved. While fresh and relevant content remains vital, the rules have relaxed a little. Strive for a minimum of three to four new blog posts each week to maintain regular inbound traffic to your website. This is particularly important for local businesses.

The Value of Old Content

While fresh new content will keep your blog energized and relevant, the old content will continue to work for you, too. A blog with more than 300 archived posts typically receives about twice as much traffic as one with less than 300 posts. Old content has a direct impact on search engine optimization.

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